Benefits of Self Priming Pumps

What are the advantages of self-priming pump and why they are becoming popular with various industries?
June 30, 2020
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Benefits of Self Priming Pumps

You can say that a self priming pump is a device that can overcome air binding. It can do that by mixing air and water. When it gets rid of the water it would function just like any standard centrifugal pump and keep on moving water. However, you must keep in mind that these pumps cannot operate without water. These pumps can handle a wide array of fluids. They can also work very well with the likes of slurries, fluids, and corrosive fluids. Apart from these, they can also work well with the likes of cold and hot water, hazardous liquids, and corrosive liquids.

The applications of self-priming pumps

Companies use self priming pump mostly in the sewage lift stations. These are facilities where you pump raw sewage in a treatment facility. Entities that use these pumps normally mount them on portable skids. In such situations, they use them to pump stormwater. They also use these pumps to dewater the likes of mining and construction operations. When you use these pumps to dewater construction sites, you call them trash pumps. This is a reference to the capability of these machines to pump out the debris that you normally get at the construction sites.

What are the advantages of these pumps?

The self priming pump manufacturers make these pumps in such a way that they are highly adept at handling solids. Some of these pumps can handle solids up to the extent of 3 inches. They are also better than the submersible pumps in one regard. They can continue to pump fluid even when you have placed the pump out of the pit. A major benefit of these pumps is that you need not spend a lot of money and effort in operating and maintaining these pumps.

It is very easy to perform both phenomena regarding these pumps. A self priming pump is available in various designs like multistage and single. This makes sure that you can get the ideal pressure depending on the pressure that you have to deal with. These machines also operate with no vibration. This is because the impellers of these machines have a hydraulic self-balance. This means you do not get any additional axial forces with such machines. This also implies that you need not use any heavy-duty bearings in these cases. These machines also perform under the likes of Affinity Laws Rules.

A self priming pump can create a vacuum on the suction side. It can also lift liquids. This means you need not use foot valves when you are using these pumps. Also, in these machines, you only need to fill the liquid before you start the pump. As the name of these pumps suggests, the pump would re-prime itself afterward. These pumps can also deal with non-condensable and high-vapor contents, but they do not lose their prime to do so. 


These days the self priming pump manufacturers are offering you a wide array of options for these products. For example, you can choose from different kinds of designs such as multistage and single so you can get the delivery pressure that you need for these purposes. You can choose pumps with magnetic drives and double and single mechanical shafts. This would help you with your installation-related requirements. They also use the best materials for making these pumps, thus making it economical for you to maintain them and use them. This includes the likes of cast iron, various alloys, and bronze, to name a few. 

One of the biggest mysteries with these pumps is that despite offering so many advantages in cost, operation, and maintenance there are not too many industrial plants that use them.