About us

The Company

Hydrodyne Teikoku India Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Hydrodyne India Pvt. Ltd. located in the city of Mumbai.

We have been manufacturing CMPs for over last two decades, continuously innovating and exacting cutting edge technologies and best practices for CMP manufacture. This has made us preferred destination of our customers for their needs for reliable and ‘fail safe’ leak free pumping with dual containment with excellent user friendly designs.

Canned motor pumps (CMPs) are truly revolutionary in the domain of leak free pumping. Due to hermetic design they are Gold Standard, when it comes to transfer or circulation of flammable and hazardous liquids at extreme operating conditions of temperatures & pressures for critical services.

We design and manufacture CMPs for wide range of application in conformance with most exacting International standards such as API, ANSI, ISO etc.

Tens of thousands of our pumps are installed and are performing reliably at several facilities of wide range of Industry and business segments such as Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Vegetable Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear Power, Navy, Railways and Refrigeration sector and many more.

As part of group of Companies of Teikoku Electric Manufacturing Company with their facilities in Japan, USA, Europe and China we bring to you combined experience of over 100 years’ in Design, Manufacturing, Application Engineering and Quality Control of Seal less Pumps.

To ensure trouble free pump performance at site our Engineers study your requirements using proprietary software and recommend to you proven pump configuration and materials of construction that is optimum for your application. If you are looking for emission free, reliable and compact solution for your demanding applications of pumping liquids then you have made the right choice; do contact us.