Repairs & Refurbishing


Repairs & Refurbishing

With no mechanical seal and external lubrication or, any possibility of misalignment with driver, our pumps are built for reliable and long trouble free Operation. With proper installation/commissioning and with due monitoring/protection for abnormal operating conditions, our pumps require minimum maintenance. With timely replacement of wear parts and preventive maintenance, long mean times between failures (MTBF) can be ensured. Nevertheless, major maintenance when required, needs to be done with proper procedures to refurbish the pump to the original condition.

Our range of services are focused on extending of support in each of the above area, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of our pumps to Customers. We offer following services with this objective:

On-site Assistance:

We depute our Service Engineer / Supervisor to your facility for on-site supervision during installation/commissioning, trouble shooting and field maintenance.

Repairs & Refurbishing

We have experience, expertise, staff, and facilities to repair and refurbish CMPs after major event such as damaged stator/rotor. Our expert technicians will inspect the damage and provide you with assessment report on damaged parts and scope of repairs required

Upgrades & Rerates We leverage our design and manufacturing expertise in meeting challenges of redesigning of existing pumps and meet following objectives of our customers:
  • Upgrade conventional pump with mechanical seal to seal less technology.
  • Rerate existing pump for revised service conditions.
  • Upgrade existing pump to overcome the root cause for short MTBF experienced.