Design, Research & Development

When it comes to engineering, the sky is the limit for innovation. And that has been our motto since our inception nearly three decades ago. Being a top manufacturer of Canned Motor Pumps, we use high end custom built CAD software Quasi 3D CFD code MERIDL/TSONIC. This standalone software tool gives us immense flexibility in modifying the various physical aspects of the pump, such as the impeller.

However, we do understand in keeping a firm balance between innovation and pricing. And this is why we procure the best raw materials so that no compromise is made on the working and efficiency of the pumps while at the same time, ensuring that the prices of the innovative features in the pump do not cause a massive spike.

In the recent years, we have achieved significant innovations such as the lesser power consumption, user friendly design for installation and more. We truly believe that research and innovation makes us stand apart as the seal less pump manufacturer in India.