Testing Facilities

While every pump manufacturer has its own testing facilities, rarely they allow other organizations to use it for testing their own pumps. Considering the fact that a pump testing facility can be extremely expensive for a lot of pump manufacturers, we at Hydrodyne Teikoku provides pump testing facility at nominal costs.

Pumps apart from being expensive, are also an integral part of many industrial plants. Any damage or sudden halt can disrupt the entire working of the plant, which leads to humongous losses. Therefore, before installing the pumps, it is always preferred to test them thoroughly. Our pump testing machine is state of the art that can check a broad range of parameters which ensures proper working of the pump.
For individuals who refurbish their own pumps manually, can significantly benefit from our pump testing machine by analyzing the performance according to the expected performance of the pump. It’s a fantastic hassle free experience for testing the performance of your pumps.

Types of Tests

  • A full range of tests are conducted, which include the following:
  • Centrifugal Pumps (ISO 9906 Grade 2)
  • Standard Pump Performance Test – capacity, head, power absorbed and efficiency
  • NPSH. Test – to verify suction characteristic of the pump
  • Vibration Test
  • Hydro Test – to guarantee pressures and to detect any leakage on components and mechanical seals