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Nuclear Sector

During last 15 years, HT have supplied over 375 CMPs for various Nuclear Power Plants of NPCIL & facilities of BARC meeting criteria and quality for nuclear applications. These pumps are handle hazardous radioactive liquids with driver rating ranging from small, medium & high ratings up to 200 kW. Pump configuration HT type F-V (basic type with internal circulation) is applied for most applications.

Find out our range related to the NUCLEAR sector:

Liquids Pumped in Nuclear Sector

• Acids: HNO3 (2M), 3 M HNO3, Nitric Acid (65%), Formic acid – 40%
• Water: DM water, Heavy Water, Chilled Water
• Refrigerant: CFCI3
• Salts as solution: Uranyl Nitrate Soln. 1.5 Molar
• Radioactive Liquid Waste